Intensive Personal Training Programs

Intensive Personal Training Programs All IPTP’s are designed to suit your individual needs and personal goals: Kali Panantukan Muay Thai Ghost Elusive Combat Combatives360 Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Fitness Get the results you want with our accelerated learning program. To...

MKG Southampton Summer Camps

MKG Kids & Teens parents…… Are you planning your summer holiday activities?? Do you want something different and engaging for your child? Then look no further as MKG has your back 🙌 Limited spaces available!!

Be Thankful!

A positive mental attitude will take you so far! Surrounding yourself with positive like minded people will help to take you further!! Being thankful for the journey will make it a first class trip!

Free Smiles for July

😀 Free smiles for the month of July 😀 One of the many positive feedbacks we get from our students is how our martial arts program has had a massive effect on their mental health: They feel less stressed so are able to cope with lifes curve balls easier. From getting...

Re-scheduled Howard Hughes Muay Thai Seminar

On Saturday 22nd June 14:00-16:00 mkgsouthampton are proud to host the UK Muay Thai Legend Howard Hughes for a seminar on the Art of Eight Limbs. This promises to be a striking masterclass! Howard is a Featherweight, Lightweight, and Welterweight Thai Boxing Champion...