The MKG Family

MKG (Minnesota Kali Group) was founded by Rick Faye – an instructor under Dan Inosanto, who in turn was a training partner with Bruce Lee.

Over the years, the brand has grown around the world – initially with other schools in the USA, and then into Europe. Rick Faye continues to train under Guro Dan Inosanto, and this knowledge is passed on to the other MKG schools through bi-annual instructor conferences, and regular seminars.

Minneapolis, MN | USA
Founder/Owner/Head Instr: Rick Faye


MKG Birmingham (Andrew Rheeston Martial Arts)
Birmingham | ENGLAND
Owner/Head Instr: Andrew Rheeston

MKG Bournemouth
Bournemouth/Poole | ENGLAND
Owner/Head Instr: Brendan Westwood

MKG Central London
London | ENGLAND
Owner/Head Instr: Gareth Bezani

MKG Coventry (Complete Self Protection)
Coventry | ENGLAND
Owner/Head Instr: Mick Tully

MKG Liskeard (Combat Athletics Academy)
Liskeard | ENGLAND
Owner/Head Instr: Mark Tucker

MKG Llanidloes (Lee Taylor Karate)
Llanidloes | WALES
Owner/Head Instr: Lee Taylor

MKG Milton Keynes
Milton Keynes | ENGLAND
Owner/Head Instr: Martin To

MKG North London (Hertfordshire Martial Arts)
Barnet | ENGLAND
Owner/Head Instr: Gary Hoptroff

MKG Paisley (John McKean Academy)
Paisley | SCOTLAND
Owner/Head Instr: John McKean

MKG Presteigne (Lee Taylor Karate)
Presteigne | WALES
Owner/Head Instr: Lee Taylor

MKG Southampton
Southampton | ENGLAND
Owner/Head Instr: Aaron Davis

MKG Wigan (M.C. Kali Group)
Owner/Head Instr: Melvin Corrigan


MKG Hamburg
Hamburg | GERMANY
Owner/Head Instr: Michael Pahl

MKG Madrid East
Madrid | SPAIN
Owner/Head Instr: Javier Gomez Gonzalez



Fusion Fitness MMA
Elgin, IL | USA
Owner/Head Instr: Jeff Kim 

MKG Cleveland
Cleveland, OH | USA
Owner/Head Instr: David Hearst

MKG Chicago
Chicago | USA
Owner/Head Instr: Marcus Charles

MKG Detroit
Detroit, MI | USA
Owner/Head Instr: Kurt Cornwell

MKG International – Duluth
Duluth, MN | USA
Owner/Head Instr: Drake Ritchie

MKG International – Madison
Madison, WI | USA
Owner/Head Instr: Josh Prior

MKG North
New Brighton, MN | USA
Owner/Head Instr: Peter Kwong

MKG Seattle
Seattle, WA | USA
Owner/Head Instr: Andy Wilson